Flex Plans

Flex Plans will go on sale before Christmas every year and will be on sale until April 1st of the following year. To purchase go to tickets.sylvanlakegulls.com.

Purchasing Flex Plan tickets will give you the option to choose the games that you would like to attend, along with the seats that you would like to choose in the Club Section or on the Berms.

  1. Spend $135.00 + tax for a 5-game Flex Plan and receive credit to purchase 5 Club seats for the games you want – nearly $150 plus tax in value!


  1. Spend $270 + tax for a 10-game Flex Plan and receive credit to purchase 10 Club seats for the games you want – $300 plus tax in value!

A receipt is issued upon purchase and your account will have a balance you can use to buy future tickets.

Redeeming Flex Plan Tickets

Flex Plan Holders will be able to pick their games and seats for the upcoming season on April 1st at 12 Noon. Flex plan holders will get a “pre-sale ticket code” emailed to the email on their ticket account well in advance of April 1st. The general public will be able to pick their seats April 15th at Noon, so along with a discount on the per game ticket prices you will also get a head start on the general public.

Go to Sylvanlakegulls.com –> Click BUY TICKETS –> Find the game of your choice and click FIND TICKETS–>choose your seats–>at the payment screen you will be asked to enter your “username”, enter the email address that is linked to your account –> enter your password (if you don’t remember it, simply RESET PASSWORD) –> click APPLY CREDITS button that will have the credit amount. Continue this process for each game, there is no Expiry Date on your credits.

Here is a video on the process; https://youtu.be/gAWPPwVxirg

Flex Plans or Season Tickets as Gifts

If you bought Flex Plan or Season Tickets as a gift for someone we need to get some information from you so that we can get the tickets on the right account, please fill out this form at this link; Flex Plan Gift Form.

We will be putting the Flex Plans/Season Tickets on the accounts of the gifted person in the new year so we don’t spoil the surprise!

Additionally you can also download a Gulls Gift Receipt at this link; Gulls Gift Receipt.