Become a Host Billet Family

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a host family for one or more of the Sylvan Lake Gulls players. The Gulls are thrilled to be a part of the Sylvan Lake community and excited about their inaugural season at Pogadl Park, Central Alberta’s hub for baseball.

The Season

As a billet, you should know that the season is a short one running from the end of May until the middle of August. Therefore host families are required for Gulls players in mid-May and players will be leaving to return to college around mid-August. In our league not all players make it for the start of the season or last till the end of the season. If you become a billet please understand that this is a possibility.

The Players

Our players will be moving from their universities and colleges throughout Canada and the United States to become a Sylvan Lake Gull. For the 2023 season they will be a mix Canadaian and American born players between the ages of 17-23. Each of our players are committed to their dreams of becoming professional baseball players, and completing their academic goals. Our roster will be disciplined, polite, and respectful young men.

What is expected from a host family?

Since the Gulls play approximately 58 games in 70 days, half of these on the road, the players will be away for a significant amount of time. As a host family, your main job is to provide accommodation. With the players at the field so much of their days and playing such a compacted schedule, accommodation is first and foremost. To a lesser degree, host families will be expected to provide some meals and transportation to our stadium when the team is at home. Again, with the number of games and travel, this should be a modest requirement. To the extent host families can assist with transportation (for example, dropping a player off at the stadium) that would be helpful. For the most part, players tend to make their own transportation arrangements or ride bikes if available for them.

How many billets do the Gulls need?

For the 2023 season we will most likely need to billet 36 players. Once our roster is finalized we will have a definitive answer. However it is possible that players will “double up”, which means host families can house two players. This is often an easier situation for both players and the host families.

What do the Gulls offer billet families?

We will be paying a per diem of $1,200 per player for the season. Bonus: Housing a Gulls player (or two) has the added benefit of being a mentor to your own budding little league stars in your family!

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Become a Billet Family