July 2nd Rain-Out Information

Published July 3rd, 2021

Hi Everyone,A credit has been added to your account for your July 2, 2021 ticket purchase. You will see the credit by signing into your account at https://tickets.sylvanlakegulls.com/account/.  This credit will live on your account and can be used for any future Gulls game.Click on “Account Credit” to see your account transactions.On your next purchase or to use the credit, start by searching for your tickets as you normally would. Sign in with the same account and proceed to the payment page. On the payment page, you will see a message above the credit card form indicating your credit amount (in green copy). The default value the system will suggest applying will be equal to your purchase amount or your credit amount (whichever is less). You must “apply the credit” by clicking the button. The balance will be reduced accordingly. Should you need to pay the remainder by credit card, you may do that as well.A purchase receipt will be sent per usual and your Account Credit will be reduced. The “Account Credit” page will also show how you used the credit.

Aqil Samuel
GM and President of Baseball Operations
Sylvan Lake Gulls

As a reminder here is our Rain-Out Policy; https://www.sylvanlakegulls.com/about/rain-out-policy/.